Making it possible to be closer to each other while keeping distance and isolation during the pandemic. Download Vitae BYS App to always have someone by your side.  

Get to know VITE BYS

Our Mission

Our mission unfolds throughout five synergetic areas. We generate and communicate a transcendent message in a relevant way following the highest standards and sharing values that, once in action, can make a difference in people’s lives, in society and humanity.

Who We Are

Vitae is a social multi-platform active in mass media, the entertainment industry and the arts. Through these, we search to communicate universal values to the entire society and generate an encounter that transforms the human heart and inspires it to make this world a better place.

About Us

Our Proposals

Our mission is accomplished through several synergistic areas. We generate content with relevant messages and communicate them in a relevant way, with the highest standards, transmitting values that, put into action, make a difference in people's lives, in society, and in humanity.



Her Majesty Queen Doña Sofía received members of Vitae at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

During the meeting, the progress of the projects that the organization is carrying out in different parts of the world is shared.

Vitae APP

In order to cope with the pandemic and social distancing, we introduce you the first app that inspires people to connect with others so that they can impact their lives in a positive way.

- It links those who need to receive a healthy advice with those who want to give it.
- It allows to keep relationships and affection united.
- It promotes dialogue and reflection about relevant topics and subjects.
- It contributes, through geo-localisation, to the participation in humanitarian actions and solidarity with neighbours and family.