We write, produce and distribute music by renowned authors and performers. Among them, several winners of international awards such as the Latin Grammy, always focused on communicating values ​​and positively impacting people’s lives.

la bendición unidos

With the common objective of awakening hope in times of pandemic, Vitae released the song “La Bendición Unidos”, with the participation of many well-known Latin American artists. The project was carried out together with Caritas and World Vision for the benefit of those affected by Covid-19.

The cast of artists who perform “La Bendición Unidos” is made up of Alex Campos, Alkilados, Ángel López, Bernardo Espadas, Camilú, Charlie Zaa, Danny Frank, Gabriel Coronel, Jimmy Yunes, Lola Ponce, Lorelei Taron, Manuel Wirzt, Marcos Llunas , María Fernanda Alvo Díaz, Martín Valverde, Michelle Rodríguez, Migueli, Patricia Sosa, Pitingo, Rodrigo Tapari, Romano and Twin Melody.

The artists invited to participate do so for free and altruistically, motivated by the sole desire to share a powerful message that connects everyone with hope and love and encourages solidarity with the victims of COVID-19.

social impact

The amount collected for each reproduction of the song will be donated in full to Caritas and World Vision to respond to the needs raised by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the most vulnerable communities. The funds obtained will be allocated to projects of both entities focused on contagion prevention, support to health systems and protection of health personnel in response to the effects of the coronavirus on education, child protection, nutrition and economic security of families in a more precarious situation.


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