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Vitae Network

We create different community experiences.
A multidisciplinary network of artists, professionals, executives, investors, leaders, brands and global organizations working together for the same dream.

Vitae Universe

Creative actions.
Movies, festivals, apps, games and music.
A 360 transmedia ecosystem with art, media projects and entertainment that are interconnected with each other

Vitae Movement

We empower Gen Z to become ambassadors of love, beauty and hope in their own lives.

Love: bridge makers
Beauty: preachers of beauty
Hope: promoters of good news

Vitae Summit 2022

First Edition - Vatican

The 1st Vitae Summit was held in the Vatican with the inspiration provided by the presence of Pope Francis.

More than 25 artists and creators from the entertainment industry from around the world joined the Summit and worked together to find solutions and transform the world through art.

J Balvin, Peter Docter, Edwina Findley, Alexander Acha (musician, David and Jessica Oleyowo, Patricia Heaton, Dan Lin, Johnatan Roumi and Marcus Rushford, among other artists, were named by Pope Francis as the “Preachers of Beauty.”

This 1st Vitae Summit was a great success with press coverage around the world spreading words of love, hope and beauty.

Are you ready to join this great global movement?

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This experience here at Vitae Summit has been extraordinary, it has been intimate, stimulating, humbling, and I have felt honored to sit and participate alongside such esteemed professionals. Now I'm excited to see how we can all affect positive change through our art in this world

Jonathan RoumieActor

It has been really amazing. The art here is amazing, it teaches and inspires you so much about how God inspires you to create beautiful things. The Pope blew my mind, he is so human and I am leaving so happy and inspired to have met him. Change starts with us, so I want to keep spreading the love!

J BalvinArtist

It was such a universal experience, you see the Pope as a human being who carries the weight of the world. I feel compassion for him and all the artists who are trying to do their best to use their gifts to make the world a better place, we want to make God and Christ more real through the way we make art to bring hope, comfort and joy

Patricia HeatonActress

We are afraid to talk about aspects of ourselves so as not to be judged by others, but Pope Francis has been very open and loving with people, which is the whole message of the Gospel in short, and I want that in our narrative. I want the world to be more accepting of each other and to love each other as people, regardless of our differences.

Pete DocterDirector of Pixar Animation Studios

At this event, I have been connecting with people on a level that is very unusual in this business, I feel like it is very genuine. The entire event has been overwhelmingly wonderful. We really have a chance to create something special here

David HuntDirector/Producer

Vitae Summit
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“J Balvin hugs and poses for a selfie with Pope Francis during entertainment summit at the Vatican”

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“Pope Francis will attend the first Vitae Summit in the Vatican”

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“J Balvin will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican”

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“World famous artists will participate in the first Vitae Summit in the Vatican”

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